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Ti Sento Milano: Discover the Autumn Winter 2023 Collection

Ti Sento Milano Ring ref. 12301Y

This Autumn, step into the enchanting world of Ti Sento Milano, the iconic silver Italian jewellery brand celebrated for its seamless fusion of sophistication and contemporary aesthetics. In this article we discover the essence of Ti Sento Milano and what sets the brand apart. We find out about the creative woman behind the brand and explore Ti Sento’s philosophy and design principles. Finally, we take a deep dive into the stunning Autumn Winter 2023 collections and shine a light on the must-have pieces you’ll find in-store this season.


1.What is the Meaning of Ti Sento Milano?

Ti Sento Milano translates as “I feel you” in Italian. This beautifully encapsulates the brand’s essence and the connection between a woman and her cherished jewellery. Founded in Milan, Italy, a city renowned for its impeccable style and artistic heritage, Ti Sento Milano draws inspiration from the rich Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.


2.Ti Sento Milano: Jewellery Created by a Woman for Women

Lilian van Zuylen: Head of Design, Ti Sento

Lilian van Zuylen: Head of Design, Ti Sento

Established in in 2003, Lilian van Zuylen is currently the creative force behind the brand. As Head Designer, Lilian is known for her passion for jewellery as well as her vision to create high-quality, stylish, pieces that are accessible to all. Her unwavering commitment to design and craftsmanship has played a pivotal role in defining the brand’s identity and ensuring its resounding success. Under her creative leadership, Ti Sento Milano has become a renowned name in the world of jewellery, known for its commitment to quality, timeless designs, and versatility.

Modern art continues to inspire Lilian’s creations. However, the foundation of the brand’s jewellery collections remains a reflection of classic shapes. Ti Sento designs are immediately recognisable by their mix of form with modern twists and feminine style.


3. Design Principles and Philosophy

From your first glance at a Ti Sento Milano piece, you’ll sense the fusion of modern design and timeless elegance. Each creation is an ode to Italy’s passionate devotion to beauty and aesthetics.

Exemplary Quality: Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plating, and Gold Plating

At the heart of Ti Sento Milano’s ethos lies an unwavering commitment to quality that permeates every facet of their jewellery. Their dedication to excellence is unmistakable, evident in the meticulous crafting of each piece from 925 sterling silver—a material celebrated for its exceptional durability and resplendent finish.

To elevate their creations, Ti Sento Milano employs a meticulous process of rhodium plating. Rhodium, a precious metal, not only intensifies the jewellery’s natural radiance but also protects it against tarnishing and unsightly scratches.

Furthermore, when it comes to gold-plated jewellery, Ti Sento Milano adheres to the highest standards. Utilising 925 sterling silver as the base material, 3-micron layers of gold are applied. This commitment to quality ensures that every Ti Sento Milano creation not only captivates with its beauty today but will continue to do so for many years to come.

Craftsmanship: Elevating Silver to Gold Standards

Ti Sento applies the same prestigious craftsmanship to silver that was previously only afforded to gold. In the brand’s atelier their designers set all stones by hand, moulding, and shaping silver to the highest goldsmith standards.

An Expression of Individuality

Jewellery is more than just an accessory; it’s an extension of your personality. Ti Sento Milano recognises this and empowers you to express your individuality. Their mix-and-match concept allows you to create your own unique combinations, stacking rings and bracelets as well as layering necklaces to tell your personal story.
With Ti Sento Milano, you can curate a jewellery collection that evolves with you, reflecting your changing tastes and milestones in life.

Timeless Style

Ti Sento Milano jewellery transcends trends and fads. With an unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship at its core, every Ti Sento Milano piece is not merely an accessory but a treasure, designed to be cherished throughout the years.


4. Autumn Winter 2023 Collections

This Autumn, Ti Sento Milano presents some showstopping seasonal pieces alongside their core collections. Here we look at what’s new for Autum/Winter 2023 plus a look at the key best-selling designs you need to know about.

Autumn/Winter ’23 Showstoppers

There’s a definite celestial charm to the new Autumn/Winter ’23 seasonal collection. With phrases in mind such as shooting for the stars, feeling over the moon and the sky’s the limit, we’re beckoned into a world of boundless imagination and mystery. These creations are destined to make you shine for all the right reasons.


One star among this constellation of beauty is the new Gold-Plated Star Ring, a true masterpiece that marries lustrous pearls and the ethereal glow of mother of pearl to dazzling effect.

Ti Sento Milano Ring ref. 12301Y

Ti Sento Milano Ring ref. 12301Y

Ti Sento Milano Ring ref. 12301Y

This ring is more than jewellery; it’s a celestial journey for your senses, a testament to Ti Sento Milano’s commitment to transcendent craftsmanship and elegance. Get ready to reach for the stars with a touch of cosmic luxury on your finger.
In captivating Blue Lapis, this stunning Star Pendant combines a mother of pearl centre, yellow gold plating and pavé on a rich, lapis blue backdrop.


Ti Sento Milano Star Pendant ref. 6823BL

Ti Sento Milano Star Pendant

Ti Sento Milano Star Pendant ref. 6823BL

Designed to grace your neckline with an aura of refined elegance, this enchanting pendant possesses a celestial allure that will illuminate your personal style. Whether worn solo as the focal point of your outfit or thoughtfully layered with other necklaces to craft your own
unique fashion statement, this pendant offers endless possibilities. You can also mix and match with Ti Sento’s coordinating statement ring and ear charms.

Written in the Stars: Zodiac Collection

For the perfect personalised gift that speaks directly to the heart, look no further than the Ti Sento Milano Zodiac Collection. Each pendant in this collection represents one of the twelve zodiac signs, making it an ideal present for a friend or loved one.

These exquisite necklaces feature a luxurious silver pendant, meticulously adorned with the intricate constellations of the zodiac, set against a mother of pearl inlay. Adding an extra touch of celestial brilliance, a pavé of luminous cubic zirconia stones graces the clip ring, allowing you to effortlessly attach the pendant to any necklace of your choice.

Make your gift-giving truly stellar with a personalised pendant that reflects the stars that guide us all.


Ti Sento Milano Written in the Stars Pendant ref. 6826LI


Ti Sento Milano Written in the Stars Pendant ref. 6826LI

Over The Moon Collection

This gold-plated Ti Sento Silver Gold Plated Star Necklace is a radiant fusion of elegance and celestial allure. With a white zirconia at the centre, it’s adorned with intricate star engravings, creating a beautiful representation of the night sky. Moreover, it serves as a symbol of guidance and direction that you can always turn to.

With a perfect disk shape, it hangs gracefully from a delicate silver chain. The necklace’s standard length is 38cm. However, it has an extension piece of 10cm that allows you to wear it at 5 different lengths: 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 45cm and 48cm.


Ti Sento Milano Over the Moon Pendant ref. 3953ZY


Statement Collection

The Statement Collection is one of our favourites here at Zelley. Described by Ti Sento as “outspoken”, each piece demands attention. This jewellery is for those who refuse to fade into the background. We love the fearless combination of bold shapes and juxtaposition of different gemstones. The Statement Collection is for those who embrace their unique style and wish to make a statement with every accessory they wear. Explore this extraordinary collection and let your inner boldness shine through.



Ti Sento Snake ear charms ref. 9200SY


Ti Sento statement ring ref. 12203EM

These Milano Gold Plated Snake Earring Charms create an intriguing statement look hanging from your favourite hoops. Coordinate with the iconic Snake Ring for a truly luxe look. Handset with emeralds and white zirconia, it has eyes set with emeralds too.


With its captivating blend of light and dark green shades, Malachite features strongly in the Statement Collection.

This Malachite Stone Set Ring features an opulent round Malachite stone as its centrepiece. Its distinctive rounded shape not only accentuates the stone’s beauty but also imparts an artistic and avant-garde aesthetic to the piece.

Ti Sento Milano Malachite RingTi Sento Milano Malachite Ring

Ti Sento Milano Malachite Ring

Ti Sento Milano Malachite Ring ref. 12231MA

Multi Stone

Featuring a patchwork of turquoise blue, malachite green, lapis blue and dark blue cubic zirconia stones, this extraordinary Multi Stone Pendant is inspired by the rays of the sun. It’s a kaleidoscope of colours that mirror the vivid hues of a sunlit sky. Although it comes with a fine silver chain, you can also clip it to your favourite necklace to create a more personalised look.

Ti Sento Milano Pendant

Ti Sento Milano Pendant

Ti Sento Milano ear charm

Ti Sento Milano charm

Ti Sento Milano ring collection

Ti Sento Milano ring collection

Coordinate with the Multi Stone Ear Charms or Ring or mix and match with Turquoise pieces such as the Turquoise Bar Necklace, delicate Turquoise Bracelet or Round Stone Ring.

Golden Hour Collection

The Ti Sento Milano Golden Hour Collection is inspired by dusk: the prettiest and most magical time of the day. Designed with simplicity in mind, the pieces in this collection are wardrobe staples: timeless classics that stand the test of time.

Chain Link

Make every day an occasion to shine with these versatile gold-plated Chain Link Drop Earrings. Featuring two interlinked links—a larger link is gracefully suspended from its smaller counterpart. With their timeless appeal, you just know they’ll go with everything you own. Additionally, a Chain Link Ring and breathtaking Open Link Necklace with silver centrepiece safety lock complete the ensemble.

Ti Sento Milano Golden Hour Earrings

Ti Sento Milano Golden Hour Earrings ref. 7831SY

Ti Sento Milano Golden Hour Earrings

Ti Sento Milano Golden Hour Earrings ref. 7831SY


Ti Sento Milano Golden Hour Necklace ref. 3947SY

Ti Sento Milano Golden Hour Necklace ref. 3947SY

Ribbed Hoops

Every woman should own a collection of hoop earrings in a range of sizes. Among our favourites are these silver gold-plated Wide Ribbed Hoops with their chubby, ribbed structure. When worn behind a drop earring, they add depth and character to your look. Alternatively, they shine brilliantly when worn alone, making a bold and confident fashion statement.

Ti Sento Ribbed Hoops ref. 7840SY

Ti Sento Ribbed Hoops ref. 7840SY

Ti Sento Ribbed Hoops ref. 7840SY

Ti Sento Ribbed Hoops ref. 7840SY

Minimalist Collection

For those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity, the Minimalist Collection is for you. Offering delicate necklaces, sleek rings, and dainty bracelets, each piece makes a subtle understated statement. The Minimalist Collection is perfect for stacking and layering to create your own unique and personalised look.

Thin Stacking Rings

Choose slim bands and stack them on different fingers for a minimalist yet glamorous effect. Don’t be afraid to mix and match silver and gold-plated pieces. Also, experiment with different stone colours to curate a stack that’s uniquely yours.

Ti Sento Stacking Rings

Ti Sento Stacking Rings

Ti Sento Stacking Rings

Ti Sento Stacking Rings

This Silver and Gold Plated Narrow Bobble Ring stacks beautifully with the Polished Silver and Yellow Gold Ring and Cubic Zirconia Set Stacking Ring. The contrasts in texture, tone, and finish create an engaging interplay of elements that capture the eye. However many rings in your stack, remember to create balance by leaving at least two fingers bare. This focuses attention on the stacked fingers.


5. Discover Ti Sento Milano at Zelley

At Zelley, we take great pride in presenting an extensive selection of Ti Sento Milano jewellery, encompassing the brand’s latest collections. Whether you’re embarking on your first Ti Sento Milano journey or are a devoted collector, we invite you to explore this exquisite collection with us and discover what we call ‘The Zelley Experience.’ Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any enquiries about Ti Sento Milano or to arrange a visit to our shop in the heart of Bishop’s Stortford.