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Creating new ring from old

Preserving Love & Legacy, Unique Bespoke Jewellery – The Arpino ring

We, at Zelley Jewellers, are delighted to share the story of a remarkable project that showcased our skills and commitment to creating unique and sentimental jewellery pieces. Recently, we had...


Signet Rings

The Modern Guide to Signet Rings: From Heirloom to Must-Have Accessory

Once seen as an indicator of social standing, signet rings are enjoying a major resurgence, particularly amongst millennials, Gen-Z and women. Originally used as a security device, their origins are...


Buying a Diamond Ring

Diamond Buying Guide

The 4 C's and How to Buy a Diamond Ring with Confidence If you're in the lucky position of thinking about buying a diamond ring, it can be hard to...


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