Georg Jensen Bloom Botanica Vase, Small


Beautifully capturing the very moment a flower bud opens to release its petals, the small Bloom Botanica vase evokes the optimism of new life in springtime. Whether holding sprigs of flowers or grouped together with different sizes, the vase has a sculptural quality that brings a strong design element to any interior.

Designer Helle Damkjær has a particularly hands-on approach to her work, laboriously creating each piece in white clay to ensure that the shape is exactly right. This gives her pieces a noticeably softer and warmer appearance, despite the hard stainless steel. Created in this way, her Bloom collection has won its way into the hearts of Georg Jensen customers for twenty years.

Expertly crafted in stainless steel, this small vase is given a mirror polished finish.

Measurements: H: 150 mm / 5.91 inches. Ø: 52 mm / 2.05 inches.

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