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Our Diamonds Are Made To Sparkle

Our Diamonds Are Made To Sparkle
November 1, 2012 admin
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The highest quality is what we deliver, our competitors are not so particular.

Here at Zelley Jewellers we have been serving the local community for over a hundred years.  Through all the changing fashions over this time, one thing has remained constant.

During our 100 year history the quality of our diamonds has always been of paramount importance. Quality is where we start with our diamond collection but value for money is what the range is all about. We strongly believe that if you compare the quality of our diamonds against our competitors not only will we beat them on the 4C’s but also on price.

Diamonds are our business and when you buy a diamond from Zelley you are buying one chosen directly by ourselves. Each stone is checked by us to ensure it meets our very strict criteria for cut, colour, clarity and carat.

All of our diamond engagement ring collections are independently certificated by one of the three top grading laboratories in the world, this ensures that not only do you get our guarantee on quality but a certificate to prove it too.

THE 4 C’s



This not only affects the visual shape – round, square etc but affects how much your diamond will sparkle. The width to depth proportions are very important, a well cut stone will have superior fire and sparkle.


The best colour for a diamond is no colour at all. Diamonds are graded from D right down to Z, although we can supply any colour to suit any budget the diamonds we select for our stock are either D, E or F colour.


Most diamonds contain tiny internal marks known as inclusions, these are like natural birthmarks and can vary in size and colour.  Flawless stones with no inclusions are very rare. The diamonds we select for our collections tend to be VVS, VS or SI. None of these are visible with the naked eye; in fact you can only see them through a x10 magnification lens.


Carat deals mainly with the size of the diamond, our certificated collection starts at 0.25ct and rises to as big as you can imagine.

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